O-Week Events Update!

Hey ASCIs!

It’s nearly time for o-week, and that means it’s nearly time for all of you new BAS students to enjoy the awesome events we’ve been busy planning this summer. To celebrate the occasion, check out our new O-Week 2013 Events page for all the newest information and updates about our events.

Here’s what we’ve added so far- hope to see you there!

ASCI Scavenger Hunt
Monday, Sept. 2nd at 2:00PM at the Bullring Patio

Come out to work with fellow BAS students to find all of the clues hidden around the University of Guelph! Winning teams will receive free BAS travel mugs and everyone will learn about some useful campus locations.

NOTE: We’ll be meeting at the Bullring Patio for the event. Don’t know where this is? Head over to the Bullring and look for our BASSA sign!

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Sample Lecture – “Science and Wonder at the Magic Show”
Tuesday, Sept. 3rd at 10:00AM in ROZH 103

Prof. Sofie Lachapelle teaches in the Bachelor of Arts & Science program and conducts research on science and entertainment, science and children, animals in science, and modern France. Come out and listen to hear her give a talk on “Science and Wonder at the Magic Show”. Everyone is welcome! Prof. Lachapelle will also be teaching the ASCI*1000 course this semester so this is a great opportunity to meet one of your Profs (in your lecture hall) and get a feel for what a university class is like before classes actually start!

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The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association is the student government representing Bachelor of Arts and Sciences students at the University of Guelph. Through social and academic activities, we facilitate learning and promote camaraderie amongst students and the larger University of Guelph community

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