We’re ready to welcome all of the new ASCIs to campus this o-week with some classic and brand new events! Along with these fun-filled activties we’ll also have nomination forms and ASCI Sib sign up available, as well as some fantASCI swag!

Monday, September 1st

1 PM – 2PM: FantASCI Scavenger Hunt with BASSA, meeting at the Bullring Patio
Looking for an opportunity to get to know campus as well as your Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association? Well here is your chance! In this scavenger hunt you will hunt for destinations and meet lots of new friends that will make the remainder of your undergrad much easier! Prizes will be awarded to the winning team!

2PM – 3PM: BASSA Screams For Icecream! Do you?, meeting in Branion Plaza by the Cannon
Interested in free ice cream while simultaneously making a bunch of new friends in your program? Come join us for a walk down to the Boathouse, one of the best ice cream places in Guelph! This event is a great opportunity to bond with others while seeing a bit of Guelph as well. Come on out, you won’t regret it!

Tuesday, September 2nd

10AM- 11AM: Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Sample Lecture, MacNaughton 113
Want to get a taste of university? ASCI*1000 professor Sofie Lachapelle will provide a sample lecture on an interesting topic that will be sure to prepare you for your upcoming lectures. It’s a great chance to meet people in your upcoming class as well as get used to your professor. This year the topic of the lecture will be ‘When Religion and Medicine meet Politics: The Rise and Fall of Marie Bergadieu, the Ecstatic of Fontet’, one of Sofie Lachapelle’s current research interests!

Wednesday, September 3rd

4PM – 5PM: BASSA Family Picnic, Bullring Patio (rain location: Mackinnon 223)
This event is designed for Arts and Sciences students that were matched with a sib (an older peer in their program) over the summer. This event invites both older and younger sibs to come and meet each other as well as get to know your Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association (BASSA) while partaking in a fun pizza picnic. It is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and to meet new people!
Don’t have a sib yet? Come on by and we’ll be happy to pair you up with your very own student mentor right on the spot!
Are you an older sib? You are welcome to come and join us at this event and meet your sib in person!

5PM- 6:30PM: BASSA Presents Test Your Trivia Knowledge, Rozhanski 103
One of the greatest traditions of BAS is our ASCI Trivia events. This event will give you a taste of the regular event BASSA normally holds throughout the year. It is a great chance to impress your peers with your knowledge, and meet some new people! There will be prizes for the winning Trivia team, as well as the chance to win the much-coveted ASCI Trivia Trophy!

9PM – 11:30PM: BASSA Movie Night, Rozhanski 103
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association (BASSA) is having a comedy movie night and you’re invited! There will be popcorn and lots of memories to be made. It is sure to be a great night! This year we’ll be showing the movie Mean Girls.

Don’t know where an event is? Look for our big “BASSA” signs- we’ll have them at every event!

For more info on these events and others that are relevant to BAS students, don’t forget to follow us on twitter: @BASSA_uog

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The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association is the student government representing Bachelor of Arts and Sciences students at the University of Guelph. Through social and academic activities, we facilitate learning and promote camaraderie amongst students and the larger University of Guelph community

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