2018-2019 Board

2018-2019 BASSA Executive Members:


President: Lia Humphrey

Hey BAS! My name is Lia, and I’m proud to be your BASSA President for 2018-2019. I have been involved with BASSA since my first year, and I’ve loved watching our program and participation grow from the start. This year, my mission is to improve college relations and maintain beloved ASCI traditions, while also implementing some fun new events. My passion for interdisciplinary studies is evident from my THREE specializations… French, Mathematical Sciences, and Economics. As always, I love fielding questions and feedback so you can contact me at humphrel@uoguelph.ca or the BASSA email at bassa@uoguelph.ca. Get ready for a fant-ASCI year!


Vice President of Finance and Administrations: Christina Rose

Hi everyone! My name is Christina and I’m your VP of Finance and Administration. I was also in this position last year, so I’m very excited to learn from my experiences and make improvements. I am a 4th-year student with specializations in Psychology: Brain and Cognition and Marketing.  My hometown is just outside of Waterloo (ever heard of Heidelberg?), but I was originally born in England.  You can usually find me drowning myself in tea at the library, or hanging out at home, surrounded by candles. I am also on the C2C Conference planning committee (look out for updates!).  I have loved my time so far at Guelph, and being in the BAS program has been a huge part of that. If you have any questions about the program or just want to chat, feel free to reach out: crose07@uoguelph.ca. Looking forward to another great year ASCI friends!

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Vice President of Major Events: Solveig Hanson 

Hello ASCIs!  
My name is Solveig Hanson and I am so excited to be this years’ VP of Major Events. I am originally from Vancouver Island, BC and am so happy I chose to come to Guelph. We will 100% get along if you like to watch British TV, to surf, or to cook! You are most likely to see me wandering campus in a red jacket touring prospective students or studying in the library! I am currently in my fourth year, specializing in neuroscience and public policy.  have been on BASSA for three years now (you may recognize me as the BASSA President from last year). My time this year will be focused on organizing Combining 2 Cultures, Canada’s leading conference on interdisciplinary education, which will be hosted at Guelph in January of 2019. If you have any questions about BAS/C2C, feel free to come approach me or send me an email at solveig@uoguelph.ca

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Vice President of Academics: Meng Ji 

Hey everyone my name is Meng and I’m your VP Academics this year. I’m in my 5th year now with my minors in Microbiology and Criminal Justice. I’m excited to be a part of the BASSA team that organizes events for you guys! In my free time you can find me at the Bullring always with a cup of coffee, volunteering and playing with cats, and probably hiking somewhere! If you see me on campus I would be more than happy to chat about class, courses, and life in general! Have a good year everyone 🌸


Vice President of Activities and Events: Sarah Rafie

Hello future/ fellow ASCI students! My name is Sarah Rafie (you can call me Rafie), and I’m the VP of activities for the 2018-2019 year. I am currently going into my third year at UoG for BAS. I never thought that I would choose this program for university (I was set on bio-medicine or health science in grade 12) and I stumbled upon this versatile program at Guelph, and here I am. I am minoring in Neuroscience and Political Science and it’s an amazing mix (feel free to shoot me a message if you’re ever stressed about choosing your minors). I hail from Toronto, Ontario, and am currently involved in Pre-med club, HOSA, USCC, Water for Humanity, Orientation Team (I’ve been a Team Leader two years in a row!) and of course, BASSA. I love being active, and I partake in kickboxing, soccer, volleyball, and swimming. I have a cute little Bichon Frise who resembles a cotton ball and her name is Kyo, inspired by my favourite anime “Fruits Basket.” I’m super involved in extracurriculars, love reading, napping, playing piano, and hanging out with my friends . I’m super friendly and outgoing so if you ever see me wandering around campus, be sure to stop and say hey 🙂 (I may also be sleepwalking because I never seem to get enough sleep….) Anyways, I look forward to meeting all of you, and I hope you join BASSA! Cheers!


Vice President of Communications: Angel Subang

Hello friends, fellow ASCIs! My name is Angelika, but you can call me Angel! I am the VP of Communications for the second time in a row! This is my second year having this position, and I am so excited for the year! I am in my 4th year, and minoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. I am from Guelph and decided to stay close to home which is why I picked this university! Not only am I on BASSA, I am also involved in a club called CARRM, and many other extracurriculars and volunteering outside school. I am also the Marketing Director for C2C happening this January 2019. I have a kawaii (means cute in Japanese) pug named Aiko. When I am not studying in the library, you can find me bullet journaling, listening to the same songs on Spotify (BTS… I hope you know who that is, if not- come and I will tell you), practicing some calligraphy, watching a show on Netflix or an anime for the 50th time, and sometimes, playing games! I am a major foodie, so if you ever want someone to pig out with you, you know who to ask! Or, you can ask me to go get milk tea with you because I am all for it! Excited for the upcoming year! If you have any questions, email me at asuban01@uoguelph.ca 🙂


2018-2019 BASSA Board Members:

First Year Representative: Lily White 

Hey guys! I’m Lily, and I’m so excited to be your first year representative this year.  I’m planning on my specializations to be Neuroscience and Sociology, but my science one might change – I can’t choose! 🙂 Some randoms facts about me are that I’m a Leo baby, I love to sing, and I try to travel as much as I possibly can.  I love dogs (especially Corgis) but I’ve actually never owned a pet other than a fish!  I love to be involved in my community, and try to take advantage of leadership roles whenever I can.  If you ever see me around, come say hi, cause I love meeting new people!  If you ever need to contact me about anything, my email is lwhite08@uoguelph.ca.  I look forward to meeting all of you this year!

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CBSSC & Second Year Representative: Zara Chughtai 

Hey guys, I’m Zara! I am your Second Year Rep and College of Biological Sciences representative. Currently, I’m specializing in bio and psych, hoping to one day become a therapist or something in the realm. In my free time, I enjoy reading cheesy YA novels, binging Netflix, and playing with my dog (his name is Murphy!) or my roommate’s cats. I’m really excited for you guys to enjoy the events we have planned for you, don’t be shy to come out. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask and I hope everyone to has a great year!


Third Year Representative: Jacob Steckner

Hello, fellow ASCIs! My name is Jacob Steckner, and I’m your third-year BASSA representative for 2018-2019. My minors are in history and chemistry, but I read about almost every subject in my spare time. This year I am hoping to increase attendance to our BASSA events so we can build and strengthen our ASCI community. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the BAS program that you would like to discuss – or if you just want to meet the members of your student government – you are welcome to contact me at any time!

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Fourth Year Representative: Melanie White 

Hey ASCIs! My name is Melanie and I’m your fourth-year rep for 2018-2019. My minors are French studies and Biology and this will be my third year on BASSA as a year rep. I’m an aspiring veterinarian, and when I’m not doing school work you can usually find me curled up with a book and my pet rabbit, watching Brooklyn 99 on Netflix, or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen (I love to cook and bake). I’m happiest when I’m outside, so I love to take walks around campus or go down to the speed river for some canoeing. I can’t wait to spend this year representing all of my fellow 4th year ASCIs on BASSA! If you have questions for me feel free to email me at mwhite16@uoguelph.ca. Have a great year everyone!


CASU Representative: Haley Green 

My name is Haley Green, and I am this year’s CASU rep! I am a second-year student, minoring in Ecology and Marketing, and this is my first year on BASSA.  I am from Toronto, and I love living out of the city in Guelph! On campus, I am most likely to be spotted getting lunch at the Bullring (the tofu wrap is the best thing ever!) or studying on the 3rd floor of the library.  When I am not busy with school work, my favorite pastimes are cooking and exploring new parts of Guelph.  If you see me on campus feel free to come and say hello! 


CSAHS-SA Representative: open 


Please email bassa@uoguelph.ca or visit Get Involved if you have any questions or if you are interested in running for one of these positions.


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