2019-2020 Election – Candidate Statements

Here are the candidate statements for the BASSA 2019-2020 election period! Please read them to be as informed as possible before voting begins on Monday, March 11th.

Contact bassa@uoguelph.ca if you have questions for any of the candidates about their platforms.


Position: President

Candidate: Haley Green

Candidate statement:

My name is Haley Green and I am writing because I would like to run for the position of President for the Bachelor of Arts Student Association. I am a second-year Bachelor of Arts and Science student, specializing in Marketing and Ecology. I joined BASSA at the end of my first year and took on the position as the CASU representative at the beginning of my second year. I have really enjoyed being a part of BASSA and I would love the opportunity to take on more responsibility in the role of President. On top of being involved as a member of BASSA, I held the position as Director of Logistics for Combining Two Cultures, a student-run conference that was held at the university this past January. The Director of Logistics role allowed me to take on more responsibility and it is a position that I believe I thrived in. Additionally, I have taken on the role of CSAH-SA rep, and being a part of both CASU and CSAH-SA has allowed me to build connections with members of other organizations that I believe will be useful if I were to be elected as President.

I am a driven individual who loves to get involved and make new connections. I believe that the position of President would allow me to foster these skills as well as allow me to develop as a leader. Thank you very much for considering me for the role of BASSA President.


Position: College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Association (CSAHS-SA) representative

Candidate: Brynn Williams

Candidate statement:

I am a second year BAS student minoring in Biology and Anthropology and I am running for College Representative of CSAHS. I’d love to be your CSAHS representative because I am super hard working and dedicated to any task I’m assigned. I also take initiative and will work hard to ensure students under the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences are being communicated with and informed at all times. As a CSAHS student myself, I know how valuable it is to hear about events, conferences, and information nights because they can be important places to make connection, ask questions, and consider the future. As your CSAHS representative I would promise to put students first, strengthen communication between colleges, and represent BASSA the best way I can! Thank you for considering me and I hope to have the chance to represent you next year!


Position: Third Year Representative

Candidate: Emillie Erum

Candidate statement:

Hey ASCI Students! My name is Emillie Erum and I would love to represent our amazing program as your Third Year Representative. I am currently in my second year of the ASCI program doing minors in Psychology and Neuroscience. Some of my interest include listening to music, writing, and binge watching How I Met your Mother on Netflix. Though I have not been involved with our council before, I am very passionate about fighting for BAS recognition on campus. If I am elected as your third year representative, I will do my best to make sure the voice of the ASCI program is heard. I will also do my best to ensure that there are many more fun and inclusive events and activities on campus. Hope I can count on your vote!


Position: Second Year Representative

Candidate: Lily White

Candidate statement:

Hey everyone! I’m Lily, and you probably know me as the first year representative on BASSA! For the upcoming year, I’m running for the second year representative.  I would love to continue to stay connected to everyone and keep you all in the loop for the events happening within the school year. I plan on becoming more active on the Class of 2022 Facebook page, and working to get even more students into the group.  On top of that, I want to find more ways for everyone to stay connected with both me and with each other. As a small program, we have the opportunity to be well acquainted with everyone and I want to take advantage of that! I would like to continue to be a face that you can come to with questions, or to voice your concerns. Thank you for your consideration, and please vote for me as second year rep!!

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