ASCI Sibs is a mentorship and support program in which first year ASCI students are paired with an upper year ASCI student in hopes to make their transition to the University of Guelph and the BAS Program a little smoother. The friendship with your sib is entirely controlled by you, but strongly encouraged to be developed as this program has been a staple initiative in the BAS Program for four years.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please email for more information or to sign up as either a first year or a big sib!



Every semester, BASSA runs a few official ‘ASCI Sib Events’ to give students in the program a chance to meet up in person and have some fun together. We highly encourage you to attend these events!

Some of the events we’ve run in the past are Sibs Dinners, Board Game Nights, Scavenger Hunts and Movie Nights. If you’ve got an idea or a request for an event, just let us know and we’ll try to make it happen. Also feel free to have your own board game night or movie night with your sib whenever you like!

Here are some frequently asked questions about ASCI sibs…

1. What kind of a time commitment is there to being an older sib?

It’s really up to you and your sib. We made the ASCI Sibs program open to accommodate all kinds of students, even the busy ones. There is no required amount of time that you have to spend with your sib. Some students who find it difficult to meet in person because of scheduling or time constraints choose to keep in touch with their sib over email or by exchanging phone numbers.

BASSA does run a number of Sib Events through the year which you are encouraged to attend with your sib, but again, you are not required to do so.

We know that the life of a student is a busy one, and a lot of ASCIs are very involved on campus making the prospect of being an older sib seem difficult! However, being so involved might mean that you have a lot of wisdom to share with your sib, as well as some great club/involvement recommendations that they would find really beneficial.

2. What exactly does an older/younger sib do?

As an older sib, your job is to try and answer or help with any questions your sib has regarding the program, ASCI courses, and the university in general to the best of your ability. Typically this means answering lots of questions about course selection, and advice on what the ASCI program is like after first year.

Again, the ASCI Sib program is really open to whatever you’d like to do to help out your sib. Invite them to a study night, let them know about Guelph’s best sushi place via a tasty field trip, or just keep in touch with emails – whatever works for you. We try our best to pair up students with similar interests, so finding things to do together is easy.

Apart from the academic side of things,  as an older sib you’re there to be a friend, and how you do that is up to you.

As for younger sibs, your job is fairly simple, just make use of your mentor, and ask them for help or advice when you need it. They’re there to help!

3. Do I have to be an Upper Year Student to be an Older Sib?

Any ASCI students who is in their second year or above can sign up to be an older sib. When we’re describing the program, we’ll often say ‘upper year students’ to describe older sibs, but once you’ve gone through first year, you’ve already got all the experience you need to help out a first year student because you’ve already been in their shoes.

4. When do I sign up for ASCI Sibs?

To sign up to be an Older Sib, contact BASSA at any time of the year, because we might have a student in need of a sib.

However, official recruiting for a new year of Older Sibs happens at the end of the winter semester, so keep an eye on the weekly BASSA emails for information on how to sign up.  After the winter semester we start organizing sibling info, so email anytime during the summer or September to sign up for the program. Also keep an eye on this website for current information!

For first year students, BASSA will start contacting you in mid-summer about how to sign up for the ASCI Sibs program, and you can also sign up at any of BASSA’s o-week activities or by emailing


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