Want to be on BASSA?

Hi BAS Students!  A new semester means that we have some new positions open on BASSA! We are a fun and warm community of students and encourage anyone who is interested to apply!  Applications are due Tuesday, September 22nd by midnight.   To apply, please email us a brief description (150-200 words) about yourself and why youContinue reading “Want to be on BASSA?”

Welcome back ASCIs!

Hi There! For those who are new to the BAS program we would like to welcome you and give you some insight into who we are! We are the the Bachelor of Arts and Science Student Association which is the student government representing Bachelor of Arts and Sciences students at the University of Guelph! Through organizing academicContinue reading “Welcome back ASCIs!”

2020-2021 Elections

Applications are open for all BASSA positions for the 2020/2021 school year! Here is our updated BASSA Application Form! Applications are due Sunday, February 23rd at Midnight!  Contact bassa@uoguelph.ca if you have questions about the application process. Here is some insight into what each position entails! If you want more info, feel free to sendContinue reading “2020-2021 Elections”