BASSA 2016 O-Week Events!

  Get ready for another amazing O-Week ASCI’s! 2016 frosh week is coming up fast and we’re excited to meet some new BAS folks and see some familiar faces! Sunday, September 4th Sharpie Tie Dye and Trivia! 3pm on Crewman Green   Monday, September 5th Campus Tour and Boathouse Ice Cream! 1:30pm at theContinue reading “BASSA 2016 O-Week Events!”

14 Situations You Can’t Avoid as a First Year Gryphon

1) Locking yourself out of your dorm room whilst showering/ going to the bathroom 2) Going to the Subway in the UC only to remember it’s not 2 o’clock yet and your precious sandwich is taken away from you 3) The inability to buy any food in the UC until past 2 o’clock 4) StayingContinue reading “14 Situations You Can’t Avoid as a First Year Gryphon”