Looking to get Involved? ASCI Sibs Needs Mentors!

Hey there, ASCIs! I hope that all of you are well into enjoying the summer, wherever you are! I’m here to talk to you about a volunteer opportunity especially for BAS students. BASSA is still accepting applications to the ASCI Sib mentor program for the 2014-2015 school year! This year we’ve decided to switch thingsContinue reading “Looking to get Involved? ASCI Sibs Needs Mentors!”

O-Week Events Update!

Hey ASCIs! It’s nearly time for o-week, and that means it’s nearly time for all of you new BAS students to enjoy the awesome events we’ve been busy planning this summer. To celebrate the occasion, check out our new O-Week 2013 Events page for all the newest information and updates about our events. Here’s whatContinue reading “O-Week Events Update!”