O-Week 2017 Updates

Hello ASCIs! Due to unpredictable circumstances, we have had to make a few changes to the BAS o-week plan. Here is an updated schedule of events! We apologize for the confusion!

  • Harry Potter Movie Night with BASSA: Sept 4th 7:30-10:30pm in Rozanski Hall, Room 105 – Free pizza and refreshments for BAS students
  • BAS Themed Campus Tour: Sept 3rd 3:00-4:30 meeting BASSA at The Cannon in Branion Plaza for a campus tour tailored to students in the BAS program! Feel free to ask for suggestions!
  • Boathouse with BASSA: Sept 6th 4:00-5:30 meeting BASSA at The Cannon in Branion Plaza to walk down to the Boathouse for free small ice-cream cones!

BASSA 2016 O-Week Events!



Get ready for another amazing O-Week ASCI’s! 2016 frosh week is coming up fast and we’re excited to meet some new BAS folks and see some familiar faces!

Sunday, September 4th


Monday, September 5th

  • Campus Tour and Boathouse Ice Cream! 1:30pm at the intersection of Winegard and Alumni walk


Tuesday, September 6th

  • Sample lectures from current and former BAS students! 10am in Macnaughton 105
  • ASCI Sibs Picnic! 12:30pm on the Bullring Patio (there will be pizza!)


Wednesday, September 7th

  • Mean Girls movie showing! 8:30pm in Roz 102


Hope to see you guys there!!


14 Situations You Can’t Avoid as a First Year Gryphon

1) Locking yourself out of your dorm room whilst showering/ going to the bathroom

2) Going to the Subway in the UC only to remember it’s not 2 o’clock yet and your precious sandwich is taken away from you

3) The inability to buy any food in the UC until past 2 o’clock

4) Staying in the library way too late and encountering the warning bell for the first time…the experience is terrifying!

5) Putting your hand up for the first time in Rozanski only to ask a question that was literally just answered

6) Experiencing the shock of a prof saying “The average on this midterm was a 61%, I’m pretty impressed!”

7) Killer Chem….

8) The first trek to War Memorial

9) When your exam schedule says it starts at 7pm but they don’t let you in until 7:15 and there is that little panic that you just lost 15 minute (by the way, they extend your exam)

10) The weird hours for Mom’s Kitchen in Prairie

11) Learning how to use courselink…that thing is a mess

12) Picking your courses a week after its open to you, it becomes a blood bath!

13) Meeting really cool people, bonding over the weirdest things (e.g. all you can eat sushi) then finding a house together

14) And having an awesome year!